Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Factors Affecting The Communication Process.

ð Perception(Most Influencing Factor)
ð Communication Channel
ð Environment
ð Language / Semantics

Our perceptions make us see, hear and communicate what we want to or what we believe in and this may be quiet different from what the original picture is.

Communication channels e.g. telephone, email etc. may pose technical problems to adversely affect the process.

There are a lot of environmental factors also where the communication process is taking place, like noise etc, which pose distractions.

Foul, condescending, evaluative and over-generalizing language also hinders the communication from being effective.

Each of us makes judgments about others. Your controlling part gives an automatic nod of approval when you meet someone who looks, talks, thinks, and smells the way you expect and approve.

On the other hand, some characteristics that you observe in others may trigger disapproval from your controlling part. The controlling part lists things that aren’t “right” about the other person. Your reaction will include more than internal responses. Your face, body language and words may indicate how you react.

Key Points :

ð Each of us make judgments about other people based on what we consider good. Correct or normal. These judgments come from the set of rules (called “tapes”) that come from our families, cultures and experiences.

ð Tapes come from the controlling part and can produce conflict and prejudice.

ð Our tapes, family traditions, life experiences and cultures all color our view of the world.

ð Most of us have of what it means to be polite – these vary from culture to culture. If you ignore another person’s tapes, you will be seen as rude.

ð In any given situation, there is “The way you see it.” “The way I see it,” and “The way it is.”

ð Differences in perception are neither right or wrong.

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